A Custom Song for made Diane's 50th birthday very special.

Diane's 50th Birthday

Celebration: 50th Birthday Party
Contributors to Lyrics: Husband & Son
Guests: 60 People. Friends and family

Style of Music: Jazz

This airy sweet song was commissioned for Diane's 50th birthday party in 2006. Diane cherishes the tune. In 2014, she shared with us what it still means to her, today.

We played the song at my 50th birthday party. We had about 60 people there. The party was at our country club. I had some family members and neighbors as well as friends from different times of my life. They all laughed when they heard the custom song, because it was so clever and so true. Plus, it was a catchy tune, and David sounds great!

My husband kept a copy and I just listened to it againit made me laugh!  It brought back memories too! I love it! It makes me laugh at myself.

The song also reinforces some things about me that haven't changed! It highlights what makes me "me," and what others see in me, so it is a great reminder of what is unique about methings I shouldn't forget, especially when I'm having a bad day.

Every time I listen to the song, I smile and laugh. It brings back great memories of my life, my loved ones, and that very special day.