Custom songs are great for bar mitzvahs!

Danny's Bar Mitzvah

Celebration: Bar Mitzvah
Contributors to Lyrics: Parents
Guests: Family and Friends

Style of Music:  Rock

Reflections from Danny

 Danny treasures his custom song.
The song is one of my most vivid memories of my bar mitzvah day. At first I was so surprised I couldn't even process that the song was about me! It seemed impossible! Then when it finished all I wanted to do was play it again because of how amazing it was.

Today the song is extremely meaningful to me. David was able to accurately capture so much who I was as a 13 year old. The song is like a time capsule that I can always listen to in order to help me cherish the memories from my bar mitzvah day and from the first chapter of my life.

Comments from Danny's Mom, Cindy

I will never forget the moment I listened to Danny's song for the first time. I just could not believe how perfect it was, and how David completely captured the essence of Danny!

I immediately decided that I had to put a slideshow with it and stayed up all night finding the right photos. Keeping this all a secret from Danny was incredibly difficult. I could not stop smiling in anticipation of the big moment when Danny would hear it at his Bar Mitzvah party.

It was truly the highlight of the evening. And now, eight years later, we still love to listen to Danny's song! I cannot think of a more meaningful and lasting gift for a special occasion. Thank you David!

Comments from Danny's Dad, Uri

We kept the custom song a big secret, and it was a huge hit! When we played the song, Danny was overwhelmed. At first, he didn't get itnobody did. How does it even happen? How does someone have a song written and recorded about them?

A few seconds into the song Danny figured it out. The look on his face was priceless! And, of course, the next day he played it a million times.

During this time period we had been very blessed to attend the bar mitzvahs of several of Danny's friends from Hebrew School. These events are somewhat formulaicyou get used to the same thing. Our guests were blown away by the custom song for Danny. The whole experience was very compelling. You can't help but be captivated by it!

The Photo Montage That Was Paired with the Custom Song for Danny