Custom Songs are great for retirement parties.

A Custom Song for Dan

Celebration: Retirement Party
Contributors to Lyrics: Family, Friends & Coworkers
Guests: Coworkers, Friends and Family

Style of Music:  Soft Rock

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Comments From Dan's CEO

Dan had been such a leadersuch a major influence on the growth and success of our company. At his retirement, we wanted to honor him, and his contributions in a way that would be lasting and meaningful to everyone in the room.

We also wanted to give Dan something enduring. When you think about it, how many gifts do you actually remember? We wanted to give Dan something that would not only be meaningful to him, but something his children and grandchildren could enjoy down the road.

Comments from Barbara, Who Gathered the Content for the Lyrics

We wanted this to be a complete surprise to everyone in the room. So when we reached out to people, we didn't tell anyone what the content was for.

I connected with Dan’s wife for biographical information and she touched base with friends and family and they sent short letters. As for the people in the office, I went to each office and asked for one or two words off the top of their head that reminded them of Dan. I didn’t want them to think long and hard because, to me, the quick answer was the real answer.

When the song was played, everyone realized that they had contributed to the song! They all got such a kick out of hearing their thoughts and memories in the lyrics. Everyone really felt like they had an important part in honoring their well-loved friend and coworker.

Photo Montage that Was Paired with the Tribute Tune Custom Song for the Event